Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Smartest Man Alive

Its not every day someone can lay claim to the title "Smartest Man Alive", and certainly not looking like that. But here we are, aren't we?

Meet my idol, Philip Winikoff, who actually went door-to-door and offered free breast exams.... succesfully. Now of course part of his sales pitch was claiming to be a doctor, but in actuallity he drove a shuttle for a car dealership. To his credit however, both jobs require sensitive hands.

His dream job came to an end when he started to perform genital exams without rubber gloves and a customer decided to file a complaint.

You can read more about it here:

Also, for any females out there wanting free breast exams from a legitimate fake doctor, send me an email:



Anonymous said...

I find this man quite disgusting...and am disgusted that there are actually people out there that are jealous of his "wonderful" idea. YUCK. But, I will admit, those women that agreed to what he had to offer, basically had it coming and shouldn't be upset. WHY WOULD YOU LET A TOTAL STRANGER DO THAT TO YOU??

You Gotta Be Kidding You said...

I have no clue why anyone would have agreed to that. I mean, on top of the absurd suggestion of door-to-door breast exams, just look at him.

I found it so unbelievable I had to post about it. And just for the record the blog entry was to be humerous, not taken seriously.