Thursday, April 27, 2006

Year of the 4-seat hardtop auto-retractables

You have got to love these!

All are 4-seat hardtop autoretractable convertibles just hitting the market. The prices float between 25K and 35K, and with options the Volvo in particular can creep above 40K, which makes them reasonably affordable. I have them listed by my current preference. Once I gather pricing and specs Ill post a more complete matrix. Things that I am keen to observe include the reliability of all those top-folding moving parts, usefulness of the back seats, wind noise, and interior ergonomics.

To see just how impressive (and maybe delicate) some of this is, look at this video of the EOS at the Chicago Auto Show this year.
Volvo C70
Volkswagen EOS

Pontiac G6

Peugeot 307CC

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